I must have slept too much of late
that everything seems too private –
Maybe I should let all go
dreams be dreams and all I know.

“Let not your dreams be dreams”
keeps appearance in my screams;
Maybe I was a little drunk
to think my rhymes can be a trunk.

I must be drunk when she came
caressing my body with her fame –
I must be dizzy 😵 as she rocked
my shivering body must be mocked.

Last night was not like other nights
she kissed my heart to my delights;
Oh, I lost all rigidity!
like a girl her virginity.

She turned me on inside and out
wet my flowers 💐, made them sprout;
That was the height of sexuality
poets can affirm this reality.

Something was hitting on my brain
like the drumming of strong rain;
It was a painful exercise
the consummation was precise.

When she comes you can’t say No
Except that whore you do not know;
the muse last night must be a god
she alone could make me nod.

The muse was sleeping on my bed
inking my pen, rubbing my head;
that was the highest sex-making –
I must confess, it was a-musing.

Angel Dee (C) Jan. 2015


Published by:

Madamidola Oladele (AngelDee)

Born in the mid-80s and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Madamidola Oladele is a versatile and passionate writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He has a Masters Degree in Literature from the same University.

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