Naked Thoughts…

Like the faeces to the dog 🐶
Like a lion devours its prey
Not like humans and their thoughts
Naked thoughts, secluded minds.

The river flows, everyone knows
As the lake stinks of stagnancy;
The birds we know fly in the sky
Naked thoughts, secluded minds.

If there were a covering on the heart
That can be opened like a cork;
Eyes 👀 would see, mouths won’t talk
Of Naked thoughts in secluded minds.

Thanks to dresses that cover man
Thanks to the bras on woman’s chest;
Humans are mad 😠 without clothing
Naked souls, secluded minds.

Let your shadows speak for you
Put your conscience on the mic
What do you make of nakedness?
How dare you speak of sacredness!

If the sunshine pierced the heart
And made a show of naked thoughts
The god in man would disappear
Secluded minds would fall like bricks.

Let those thoughts be seen and heard
Like the dogs mate openly;
Let those hearts open like books
And be read out openly
Man would stop to misbehave:
No Naked thoughts … secluded minds…!


Published by:

Madamidola Oladele (AngelDee)

Born in the mid-80s and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Madamidola Oladele is a versatile and passionate writer with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He has a Masters Degree in Literature from the same University.

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